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My Story

Amy, Psychology BA, ISSA CPT, FNC

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Hi, I'm Amy!

I grew up as the youngest with three older brothers so it was no surprise that I became an athlete very young. In fact, I started dancing when I was 3, playing soccer when I was 5, and cheerleading when I was 8- PHEW! Talk about being a busy kid.


After 15 years of being busy running from practice to rehearsal back to practice, reality hit when I didn't have a sport to lean on in college- I was quickly forced to learn how to balance being busy and healthy when I went to Duke University to study psychology with a specialization in eating disorder research. Beyond my work in research labs and the classroom, I expanded my mental health education and exercise physiology knowledge by working as an athletic trainer for the Duke football team and a certified personal trainer in the recreational center. 

As a Personal Trainer, my clients at Duke inspired me each and every day as they showed up with strength, determination, and dedication, and my passion for coaching began.

Eight years later, I continue to feel empowered by each client, each exercise, and each second they give to me out of their busy lives to give back to themselves.

To embrace their strength.

To silence the negativity.

To become their most confident and positive selves.

To to transform from the inside and out.


In the past eight years, I have worked with clients ranging from freshman in high school and college athletes to professors and business professionals with varying fitness levels and goals. I have learned to adapt wellness programs to each individual utilizing continuous education and evolving health research.

My psychology background coupled with my numerous coaching certifications allow me to be more than just a trainer.

I focus on strength and confidence building through positive psychology, motivational techniques, and accountability habit formation within your programming.

I am not your typical coach - yes, I will push you and challenge you. But I also get to know you and your story as a friend. I listen. I encourage. I help guide you on your journey to your strongest and most confident version of yourself.


I am so fortunate to be able to do what I love by encouraging and empowering incredible individuals to regain control of their lives and find their full potential through strength, confidence, and positivity. And I can't wait to meet you!

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