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What to expect from Accountability Coaching:

Initial Consultation


Let's get to know each other!

In our first meeting, we will chat on the phone about you and your story including discussing medical health history, exercise preferences, and nutritional information. You will fill out a 5-day food log and complete an (optional) fitness assessment. We will get an understanding of what your program will look like and get ready to start your journey towards strength, confidence, and positivity.

Recommendations for Habit Change + Goal Formation


Creating the outline of how to reach your goals.

After our initial consultation and evaluation, EnCourage will make recommendations for habit change based upon principles for sustainable lifestyle change. We will make weekly goals together and create an action plan as to how you will reach those goals. This can be health + wellness related or LIFE related- we care about the WHOLE picture!

Your weekly goals will include all of the below:

Workout Goal

Nutrition Goal

Lifestyle Goal

Positive Affirmation

Virtual Workbook + Daily Check-Ins


Be the change!

We will create a virtual workbook that will hold you accountable for your goals that includes:

Long Term Goals

Weekly goals

Principles + Habit Formation Guidelines

Weekly Gratitude Journal


Each day, EnCourage will check-in with you via text message and through our online workbook to see how you are working towards your goals.

Weekly Check-Ins


Putting the "accountability" in accountability coaching!

We will schedule weekly 60 minute check-ins via phone or video chat to discuss your week, evaluate your goals, and create new goals for the next week. This is where the real CHANGE happens! 

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