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Summer Classes

SLU Rooftop Series


HIIT Rooftop Bootcamp class is focused on High Intensity Interval Training and strength training exercises using your best asset-your body!

Each exercise will challenge you to reach your max heart rate, burn major calories, and result in a 48 hour metabolism boost! We will train your body + mind to overcome any challenge as you race against the timer and build ENDURANCE, SPEED, STRENGTH, + AGILITY.


This obstacle course is focused on STRENGTH + ENDURANCE.

Each station will be specifically designed to challenge your muscles + your mind through a different method utilizing hypertrophy + HIIT principles to create a long, lean, powerful body and strong mind.

The course will keep your muscles guessing, your metabolism boosted, your heart rate elevated, and a SMILE on your face! You will leave feeling strong, lean, energized, and maybe just a little bit sweaty!

Running Club

Need a running buddy (or a few) to get you through those long training runs or to enjoy the beauty of the Seattle Summer?

Meet us on Dexter Avenue to hit up the trails for various running routes throughout the whole summer!

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