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Nutrition is such a taboo topic. It's all about calories and macros and "dieting." It's about "good foods" and "bad foods" and restricting.

Not EnCourage Nutrition Coaching.


As your Nutrition Coach, I help you understand how to best fuel your body to make you feel better and healthier to reach your goals.

I work with you to create healthy habits and follow a guideline of principles to make sustainable, healthy change.

I encourage you to uncover your deep relationship with food and give you tools to overcome any deeply-rooted obstacles.

I offer guidance, perspective, and motivation to develop a healthy food mentality and a balanced, sustainable diet.


  • Initial (FREE) consultation, 5 day food log, and health history evaluation

  • Food log evaluation and discussion

  • Individually prescribed principles for sustainable lifestyle habit formation and accountability

  • Individual meal plan outline

  • Daily food logging and in-the-moment comments from EnCourage

  • Weekly 60 minute check-in via phone or video chat with weekly goal evaluation + formation