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What to expect from Personal Training:

Initial Consultation


Let's get to know each other!

In our first meeting, we will chat about you and your story including discussing medical health history, exercise preferences, and nutritional information. We will get an understanding of what your program will look like and get ready to start your journey towards strength, confidence, and positivity.

In-Person Packages


Based on your schedule, your location, and your goals!

EnCourage travels to you at the location of your choice and brings all the equipment needed for your program.

Each workout is strategically unique to form a system- your program keeps your body guessing, your muscles strengthening, your metabolism boosting, and your heart pumping. Your program is updated weekly based on performance, preferences, and any ongoing changes to your goals.

Fitness Assessment + Monthly Progress Reports


Celebrate your strength!

In our first personal training session together, we will complete a fitness assessment to set a baseline for your program including some basic strength exercises, a cardiovascular health test, and flexibility assessment. We will repeat this assessment every month to celebrate your progress, inspire you, and hold us both accountable for your goals! 

60 Minute 1-on-1 Training


Commit to your strength!

This is your journey on your schedule, so you can pick a package that works best for you! Available in all of the below:

Monthly: 2 or 3 Personal Training Sessions per week

3 Months: 2 or 3 Personal Training Sessions per week

12 Session Package: expiration in 3 months

**Discounts vary based on package

Online Training


Train on your own time!

This includes all of the same coaching as in-person training with the option of 30 or 60 minute workouts. Workouts are sent weekly accompanied with a video demonstration of each exercise by EnCourage. We will have weekly 30 minute check-ins via phone or video chat to alter your program and keep you challenged, motivated, and getting stronger every day!

**Virtual Skype training sessions available by request.

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