How to build your own Smoothie Bowl


Smoothie bowls are not only a trend, but they are one of my favorite things ever. In fact, I liked smoothie bowls before they were cool and trendy (could one say I am a trend setter?! NAH.) But I did write this post 4 years ago about my first ever attempt at a smoothie bowl and here we are today, still living out this beautiful smoothie bowl-loving life. (Yes, feel free to go through any of my old blog posts at your leisure. There's some juicy stuff in there!)

Anyway, I wanted to talk about smoothie bowls and how simple they are. Their photos are so beautiful that you assume they are complicated or will take too much time in your busy mornings to make. But I promise they are easy peasy.

AND if you prep your smoothie ingredients in the freezer for the week, it is even simpler. Just grab some ziplock baggies and throw everything in there on Sunday, and voila all you have to do is grab it each morning and throw it in the blender!

Why should you jump on the smoothie bowl train, you ask? Great question. Besides being pretty and fun, they are PACKED with nutrients that will leave you feeling full, satisfied, and energized for the rest of your day AND if you're anything like me and don't get full from liquids, the toppings + eating it out of a bowl make it more of a meal than a typical smoothie!

Last thing before I get to the good stuff- anyone who knows me knows I am not a good recipe follower. I use them as "guides" and always put my own spin on it to make it my own (or maybe because I'm lazy?). The point of this being that any of the delicious smoothie bowl recipes I've ever seen I haven't actually exactly tried. I always make it up as I go (and it's ALWAYS delicious) so I'm not going to give you any real recipes to follow....BUT...



Here is your guide to making your own smoothie bowls for your own nutrition-packed morning goodness (or afternoon if that's how you roll) -

  • 1 CUP(ish) FROZEN FRUIT of your choice

  • 1 banana (some people say it should be frozen, but i like normal bananas so your choice!

  • 1 handful/1/2 CUP(ish) GREENS or VEGGIES of your choice

  • 1/2 CUP(ish) of liquid

  • A few TBSPs(ish) of some kind of protein (can be a nut butter, nuts, seeds, yogurt, or actual protein powder)

To make an ACAI bowl: Add in an Acai packet ( Trader Joes and Sambazon are my favorites)

Blend it all together in whatever your version of a blender is!

Top with your favorite yummy ingredients and if you want a good insta picture, make it all neat and purty!

Some of my favorite toppings:

Nut butter Purely Elizabeth Granola (or any kind of granola but that's the best) Fresh fruit Honey Chia Seeds Coconut flakes Cacao Nibs Hemp Seeds

Be experiemental and try lots of different combinations. I truly haven't had a bad combination yet :)

Happy Smoothie Bowl-ing!