Workout of the Week: Full Body Blast Circuit

Circuit training is one of the most effective workout formats (not to mention are SO much fun!) + as a trainer and fitness guru myself, I love it!

**I will be making an entire post about the science of circuit training later this week.

Quick summary of what circuit training offers:

  • Keeps your muscles guessing what's coming next

  • Burns some major fat

  • Boosts your metabolism

  • Keeps every workout fun + unique

  • Endless options of mixing + matching exercises

  • Short, sweet, and to the point workouts for when you're short on time

  • Makes you feel super strong + sweaty :)

What's not to love, right?!



So here is your FULL BODY BLAST CIRCUIT workout of the week with video instructions. This will leave no muscle (including your heart) untouched + boost your metabolism for the rest of your day!


  • High Knees

  • Power Push Up

  • Med Ball Burpees

Do each exercise for 0:50 seconds with 0:10 rest between. Repeat after each round of the below full body circuit-


  • 20 Walking lunge-twist

  • 15 Chest Press

  • 15 Underhand Row

  • 12 One Arm Bicep Curl to Press (each side)

  • 12 Tricep Dip to Hip extension

  • 1:00 Plank Up-Down

Repeat 2-4 times!

**No weights? Use some water bottles, canned food, or anything else you have lying around! Anything is possible, anywhere!



High Knees

You can do this with or without weights. Make sure to keep your core tight, back straight, and knees high.

Modification options:

1. No weights

2. Marching (no hop)

Power Push Up

Drive your knee towards your chest and keep your core tight. You should feel a crunch!

Modification options:

1. Remove "power" and do a normal push up

2. Push up on knees in plank position

3. Push up in table-top position

4. Push up on an elevated surface

Med Ball Burpees

This is a major core burner! Make sure to grip the med ball tight to maintain balance. CONTROL is key to this exercise.

Modification options:

1. Take out jumps to walk out to plank, in to squat, and stand up

2. Lose the med ball and do normal burpees



Walking lunge- twist

The key to this exercise is to maintain good form of your lunge. Keep your core tight and knees behind your toes for this entire exercise.

Modification options:

1. Drop the med ball and use only body weight

2. Remove the "twist" and focus on walking lunges

3. Remove the "extension" before dropping into your lunge and alternate lunges.

Chest Press

Move from a right angle with palms facing forward and push straight up. You can do this at home too on the ground or any flat surface you have!

Modification options:

1. Use a chest press machine instead of free weights

2. Lay flat on ground for more control at the bottom of the exercise

Underhand Row

Keeping your back straight and core tight is EXTREMELY important during this exercise. Pull back with your back/shoulder blades, not your arms. Keep your shoulders relaxed and away from your ears.

Modification options:

1. Sit on a chair/bench and follow same instructions

2. Drop weights all together and practice squeezing your shoulder blades together in this same motion

One Arm Bicep Curl to Press

This is a classic combination exercise of a bicep curl to a shoulder press. Keep your elbow close to your waist for the curl, flip your palm to face forward, and push up to a shoulder press.

Modification options:

1. Sit down on a bench or chair to protect your lower back

2. Do both arms at the same time to maintain balance