Avocados: The superest superfood

Superfoods have been all the rage in the nutrition world for about five years. We always go through phases of popular foods and fad diets, but this one has stayed around for a while- and for a good reason! "Superfoods" really are foods that carry a PUNCH of nutritional value above and beyond their respective "food groups." And if you include them in your every day meals, you will feel more energized, your internal organs will function in their optimal state, and your skin, hair, nails, and total body will look radiant. To learn more about the whole list of superfoods, google it (I'm serious! Pictures and descriptions come up on google!), or check out this link.

Anyway, ranking highly on the super list is the avocado. This is a very exciting time for this fruit because during our society's "no fat" fad diet phase, avocados were the enemy due to their high fat and caloric content (for example: if you ate an avocado on the OG Weight Watchers, you would have gone over your entire day's fat allotment from ONE piece of fruit!). Now, though, avocados have made it back into the popular group and are super trendy. Think smoothie bowls and avocado toast breakfasts, guacamole, avocado and egg salads, and the bright green super smooth avocado that is included in all of the superfood bowls in all of the restaurants.

I, personally, am obsessed with avocados. I add them to anything and everything and crave avocado toast almost daily. So what's the hype really all about?! Let's talk about how wonderful avocados are-



  1. POTASSIUM: Most people think that bananas have the most potassium of any fruit (Honey I Shrunk the Kids, anyone?). But avocados actually contain 5% more potassium than bananas per serving. Who cares about potassium? Well, it's good for your blood pressure and your blood sugar levels so you can avoid heart disease and feeling faint.

  2. MONOUNSATURATED FAT: Ya know how we always talk about how good olive oil is for your heart and reducing inflammation? Insert avocados here as well. Avocados are almost solely made up of monounsaturated fatty acids that are phenomenal for your health.

  3. FIBER + WEIGHT LOSS: We all know fiber is good for our digestion as well as maintaining a healthy blood sugar level and ultimately, weight loss. Avocados are full of fiber that keep you regular, fuller, and more energized throughout your day.

  4. IT HELPS YOUR BODY DIGEST NUTRIENTS: Not only is the avocado itself full of OVER 20 VITAMINS AND MINERALS, but the vitamins and minerals it contains help your body digest nutrients from other foods better. So after you add in that avocado to your salad, it automatically gets more nutritious. Look how easy that is!

  5. THEY ARE DELICIOUS! Avocados are creamy deliciousness that can be turned either sweet or savory. You can literally add them to anything and make it taste richer and more satisfying. Not to mention you will get all of the above benefits!

GOODNESS- I'm making myself hungry and craving some avo toast now!

Go make yourself something nutritious + delicious :)