Workout of the Week: Anywhere HIIT Workout

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is my other favorite kind of workout for almost all of the same benefits of Circuit Training but with the most important one being that it can be done ANYWHERE with ZERO equipment and is typically a faster, shorter workout (less than 30 minutes!).

A high level recap of the benefits of HIIT are below:

  • Metabolism booster

  • Fat burner

  • Can be done anywhere, anytime

  • Little to no equipment necessary

  • Mix + match exercises and your options are ENDLESS

  • Quick + effective

I won't be upset if you choose this over Circuit Training since they're both ROCKSTARS of the fitness world. :)



So here is your ANYWHERE HIIT workout of the week with video instructions. This is a super sweaty one that will boost your metabolism for the next 48 hours. WOOT WOOT!

  • Lunge Jumps

  • Plie Jumps

  • Burpee-Squat

  • Plank Walk Outs

  • Mountain Climber

  • 800m Run

Do each exercise for 0:50 with 0:10 between each exercise

Repeat 2-4 times!



Lunge Jumps

Keep your knee behind your toes in the lunge, try to hit a 90 degree angle, and maintain a consistent pace.

Modification options:

1. Remove the jump

2. Static lunge on one side

Plie Jumps

Keep upper body upright and drop butt between your knees with toes pointing out.

Modification options:

1. Remove the jump

2. Squat only to 45 degrees


Keep your knees behind your toes in the squat.

Modification options:

1. Remove the jump and walk feet back to plank

2. Normal burpee

3. Remove jump in normal burpee

Plank Walk Outs

Keep your core tight through this entire exercise. Try to keep your legs as straight as possible the entire time. Bonus: add a push up to the bottom of your plank!

Modification options:

1. Do not stand all the way up and just walk in and out of the plank

2. Perform the plank on your knees

Mountain Climber

Keep your butt down and maintain plank position with your shoulders directly above your hands through this whole exercise.

Modification options:

1. Remove hop from your "climb" and just drive knees forward

2. Plank only

3. Come down to your knees and follow the same exercise


Go get your move on and feel strong + confident, no matter what! :)