How to make your own Superfood Bowl

Bowls are my favorite kind of meal. We already talked about the amazingness of smoothie bowls a few weeks ago. So now it's time to talk about how to make bowls for the rest of your daily meals. Are you SO excited?!

Making a Superfood Bowl basically putting a bunch of yumminess into one bowl and eating it all together. Think stir fry-ish. And they are an EASY PEASY go to for any healthy meal! Who said eating healthy had to be difficult?!

**I will post some of my favorite recipes eventually but since these are so easy to make on your own, I figured I'd give you the reigns to experiment on your own first!

Let's quickly recap what a superfood is: a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. It's basically a food that has powers above and beyond its realm of responsibility within its respective "food group." Pretty cool stuff! And remember how super avocados are? Yeah, you can add them to basically any superfood bowl and make it that much more powerful (+ delicious!).

Ok, enough talk about why making a bowl out of all the superfoods is obviously great for your body, mind, and overall strength. Let's talk about HOW TO MAKE YOUR VERY OWN SUPERFOOD BOWL!



1. Pick a base. This can be greens, quinoa, lentils, beans, rice, etc. Anything that will act as the heart of your bowl.

2. Pick your veggies and fruits. This can be literally anything under the sun depending on what you want your flavor to be. HINT: If you add sweet potato to ANYTHING it will make it even more delicious. I promise!

3. Pick your protein. This can be in the form of cheese, nuts, meat, meat substitutes, eggs, etc.

4. Pick your toppings. Think seeds, microgreens, avocado, etc.

5. Pick your sauce. The beauty of superfood bowls is that the foods themselves are so delicious that my favorite sauce is olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. But be creative here depending on the flavor of your bowl! CAUTION: If you are buying any premade sauces/dressings from the store, try to choose things without any added sugar or any ingredients you can't pronounce or don't recognize. The less ingredients, the better.)

VOILA! There is your superfood bowl!

Two important things to remember:

- Decide whether you want this to be hot or cold. You can serve your base in either form as well as your ingredients. (I almost always roast my sweet potatoes and sautee vegetables before throwing them into the bowl whether it's hot OR cold).

-Try to include AT LEAST 3 superfoods in each bowl! REMINDER: You can learn more about the whole list of superfoods on google (I'm serious! Pictures and descriptions come up on google!), or check out this link.


You will feel full, energized, and satisfied for HOURS after this baby!

Happy super-ing!