Brussel Sprouts: The Secret Delicious Superfood

We've already talked about Superfoods quite a bit, and it's really not going to stop anytime soon due to their awesomeness.

"Superfoods" really are foods that carry a PUNCH of nutritional value above and beyond their respective "food groups." Basically overachievers! I've posted the superest superfood here and how to make a superfood bowl here. To learn more about the whole list of superfoods, google it (I'm serious! Pictures and descriptions come up on google!), or check out this link.

One of my favorite superfood that has come to the forefront in today's every day eating culture is BRUSSEL SPROUTS. Brussel sprouts were always that vegetable growing up that your parents would make for you and you'd push around on the plate until you could say you were "full" and throw them out. They were soggy, had a weird smell, and tasted funny. Be honest, we all did it (sorry, dad!)!

But the food and restaurant industry knew the incredible benefits of this superfood and changed the game for brussel sprouts forever when they started introducing them on every. single. menu. everywhere. Restaurants offer different recipes, different cooking techniques, different seasonings, etc. but they are almost always delicious. And thus, the brussel sprouts revolution began!

My personal experience with my brussel sprout awakening was after eating the deliciousness that is Arch City brussel sprouts back in the hometown of Columbus, Ohio back in 2014 and the love hasn't stopped. I add brussels to almost everything, every day.

So what's the hype really all about?! Let's talk about how wonderful (and delicious) brussel sprouts are-



  1. NUTRIENT PACKED: Like all superfoods, brussels contain a ton of vitamins and minerals that are

good for the whole body including your heart, nervous system, and immune system.

  1. CANCER FIGHTING: Brussel sprouts contain glucosinolates, which our bodies use to make cancer-fighting enzymes. Talk about AWESOME?!

  2. FIBER + WEIGHT LOSS: Like most cruciferous vegetables, brussels are full of fiber. Just like I mentioned with the superest superfood, we all know fiber is good for our digestion as well as maintaining a healthy blood sugar level and ultimately, weight loss. Brussel sprouts are full of fiber that keep you regular, fuller, and more energized throughout your day.

  3. DETOX + ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: On top of the vitamins, minerals, and cancer fighting glucosinolates, brussel sprouts also contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which are the famous inflammation-reducing fatty acid like in fish and seafood. The antioxidants in brussel sprouts also help your system reset to aid in a natural detox.

  4. THEY ARE DELICIOUS! Not in the way we were used to as kids. But there are TONS of ways to cook brussel sprouts or add/hide them in your recipes to get all of these health benefits! For some recipe inspiration, check out this link.

We mixed both ROASTED brussel sprouts and RAW shaved (holla TJ's!) brussel sprouts to a superfood salad for lunches this week. It's DELISH (+ pictured here)!

Go make yourself something nutritious + delicious :)