What is High Intensity Interval Training?

I've talked a lot about and posted a lot of workouts focused on High Intensity Interval Training. One of my favorite workouts where I highlighted some of the benefits of this type of training is here.

By definition: High Intensity Interval Training workouts are bursts of intense, max heart rate exercises followed by low intensity exercises (or rest) to increase cardiovascular health and strength. These workouts are quick and effective and meant to work you to exhaustion.

Long story short: It's the fastest, most efficient + effective workout technique out there- usually lasting less than 30 minutes (unless you're working with me 1 on 1 :)) and it's good for your heart + your muscles. BOOM! (Not to mention it also helps build that INTERNAL strength by getting you to overcome things you didn't think you could do before!)

Oh, and it's EASILY incorporated within Circuit Training, the other efficient and effective workout (and my other specialty)!


The benefits of HIIT:

1. Efficiency.

Since these workouts are so intense, they are much faster than a typical workout would be. That way, you can fit it into your busy schedule without a problem!

2. Increased Metabolism + Fat burning (not muscle burning).

Due the intensity of the work you are putting in, your body has to work extra hard to recover and rebuild, burning fat in the meantime. AND due to the type of hormone released throughout HIIT training, your metabolism is boosted for 24-48 hours post-HIIT workout! (Just ask the bootcampers from last weekend how they felt for the next few days!) FINALLY, the bonus is that you are BUILDING muscle while you are burning fat throughout these workouts so coupled with Circuit Training, it is the ultimate workout program for lean, strong muscles.

3. Heart healthy.

This pushes your heart to its anaerobic mode and to its max heart rate zone. It trains your heart to work harder, be more efficient, and recover faster in order to keep your body going!

4. Anywhere, Anytime.

NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY. Most HIIT workouts are done with your best piece of equipment- your body- so you can do it anytime, anywhere!

5. FUN!

You can mix and match ANY and ALL types of exercises to make them a HIIT workout. The options are endless and keep you coming back for more!

My favorite type of workout routine includes 2-3 days of Circuit Training, 1-2 days of HIIT (or just include HIIT within your circuits) and 1-3 days of LISS (Low Intensity Sustained State) cardio- or if you ask me, running!

It's the PERFECT mix to keep you entertained, your body working hard, and your metabolism boosted throughout the whole week.

What are you waiting for?! Get HIITing it!