EnCourage Bridal Bootcamp

I am SO excited to announce the launch of my FIRST online workout program: BRIDAL BOOTCAMP!

A future bride myself, I know how stressful the wedding planning process can be. To-do lists after to-do lists, unexpected twists and turns, balancing opinions, working within a budget, and starting a HUGE new adventure create a storm of emotions. All. The. Time. It's easy to lose sight of yourself, your health, and your happiness along the wedding planning journey.

So I created this 6 WEEK workout program focused on the principles of STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE, and POSITIVITY to help you LOOK + FEEL your absolute best on your big day! You will look STRONG and RADIANT as you take those first steps into your new adventure!



What's included:

  • 30-60 minute workouts 5 days a week for 6 weeks

  • Use only dumbbells, resistance bands, and your best piece of equipment available to you-your body!

  • Never repeat the same workout twice

  • Downloadable PDF including workouts, instructions for each exercise, and weekly summary

  • Videos of each exercise with instructions from me

  • Every week, along with your workouts, you will receive:

  • Quote of the Week

  • Challenge of the Week

  • Self Care of the Week

Weeks 1+2 are body-weight and full body focused workouts including a mix of basic exercises + plyometrics to build a strong base for the strength building to come.

Weeks 3+4 are strength and endurance focused, utilizing hypertrophy + HIIT techniques that will build muscle and burn fat.

Weeks 5+6 are focused on long, lean muscles, fat burning, and metabolism boosting with an emphasis on compound movements and dynamic exercises that will challenge multiple muscle groups at once to push your body and mind past your limits.

Each week gets progressively more difficult than the last and challenges your body in new ways for maximum effect. The program is designed as a full system to create long, lean muscles:

  • High intensity workouts to enhance athleticism and burn major calories + fat

  • Hypertrophy strength building workouts to increase muscle strength and establish a base of strength

  • Low intensity cardio workouts to increase endurance and allow for muscle recovery

  • Dynamic, compound workouts to get all muscle fibers firing at once to increase both strength + caloric burn for the ultimate long, lean muscle build

By the end of the program, you will be strong, confident, and positive heading into this next chapter in your life!

Go check it out here to get your very own copy of the program!

I will also be offering accountability + nutrition coaching for maximum results! If you're interested, inquire for details.



P.S. While the FOCUS of this program is specifically for brides-to-be, it is an incredible 6 week workout program for ANYONE of ALL FITNESS LEVELS that are looking to build lean strength! You just get to ignore all of the wedding talk each week :)

P.P.S. Brides- get your future grooms to partake too! It will be a fun project for the two of you together!