Workout of the Week: At Home Full Body Workout

Travel + busy schedules + life happens. So sometimes you need a quick + dirty workout you can do in the comfort of your own home. The good news is: you can get a KILLER full body workout without any equipment at all. And HIIT + Circuit Training make it so much more fun!



So here is your AT HOME FULL BODY WORKOUT workout of the week with video instructions. Keep this one around for those busy days to get a quick sweat in. :)


  • 20 Alternating Lunges

  • 10 Squat-Reverse Lunge (count on the squat)

  • 1:00 Jumping Jacks


  • 20 Plank In-Out-T

  • 10 Plank Up-Down

  • 1:00 Plank Jacks


  • 20 Prisoner Squat-Twist

  • 10 Squat-Front Kick

  • 1:00 Wide-Narrow Squat Jumps


  • 20 Push Up-T-Knee to Elbow

  • 10 Push Up-Push Back

  • 1:00 Power Push Ups


  • 20 Donkey Kick-Side to Side

  • 10 R Inner Thigh Lift

  • 10 L Inner Thigh Lift

  • 1:00 Russian Kicks

Do each circuit 2X through before moving onto the next circuit!



Alternating Lunges

Focus on your core to keep balance here. Try to hit a 90 degree angle with both legs.

Modification Options:

1. Go to 45 degrees

2. Lunge one side at a time

Squat-Reverse Lunge

Maintain strong core to maintain balance here (so you don't tip like I did in the first rep :)). Keep your knees behind your toes in all 3 positions.

Modification Options:

1. Squat only

Jumping Jacks

Have fun with it :)

Modification Options:

1. Step instead of jump

Plank In-Out-T

Keep core super tight for stabilization throughout this entire exercise.

Modification Options:

1. Step instead of hop

2. Drop your bottom knee down in your side plank

Plank Up Down

Keep core tight and try not to let your lower body move.

Modification Options:

1. Drop your knees into tabletop position

2. Hold plank

Plank Jacks

Keep core tight and do not let anything move besides your feet.

Modification Options:

1. Step Out instead of jump

Prisoner Squat-Twist

Sit back into your squat. Focus on your core in the twist. Keep it slow and controlled.

Squat-Front Kick

Sit back into your squat and keep knees behind your toe. Use your core to kick your legs forward.

Wide-Narrow Squat Jumps

Stay light on your feet and keep core tight to maintain squat forms.

Modification Options:

1. Remove jumps and change to steps

2. Perform only squat

Push Up-T-Knee to Elbow

Take this slow and controlled and maintain correct form in every motion.

Modification Options:

1. Push up on knees or in table top position

2. Side plank with bottom knee on the ground

Push Up-Push Back

Focus on keeping your core tight and controlled movement.

Modification Options: