One Week of At-Home Workouts

Real talk- life is weird right now. Everything has been turned upside down. Everything is uncertain and new and, quite frankly, scary.

So we are all stuck inside. Netflix + Chill. Lots of non-perishables. Working from home. It's actually nice to have a little bit of downtime...right?

But now the schools are closed. Kids are at home...for the foreseeable future. Gyms are closed. Restaurants. Bars. Uh oh. Now it's starting to feel like a true quarantine.

Amidst this chaos and uncertainty and "new normal," your mental and physical health are still the most important things in the world. It is essential to come up with what your "at home" routine will be- including your workouts.

So this week, I will be posting a new at-home workout EVERY DAY that you can do to make you feel stronger, healthier, a little bit more in control, and a lot more sane.

Oh, and here's a happy playlist to keep you smiling and feeling motivated throughout- HAPPY BEATS

Here goes Day One-



**Each circuit should take about 5 minutes each round so plan your workout accordingly**

***Videos for Circuit 1 and 2 are on my Instagram***

Circuit 1:

50 Jumping Jacks

10 Plank Up-Down-Shoulder Tap

20 Lemon Squeezers

10 3 Squat Pulse-Reverse Lunge

20 (10EL) One leg Straight leg Deadlifts- Knee Drive

10 Burpees with 4 Mountain Climbers + 4 High Knees


Circuit 2:

50 Skater Jumps

10 Plank Walk Outs-One Leg Push Up

20 Sit up-Russian Twist

20 (10EL) Curtsy Lunge-Front Kicks