At-Home Workout: WEEK TWO

Okay, it's the start of Week 2. We are getting more into a routine and feeling like this new normal could be okay. It's all going to be okay.

Our focus for this week is staying motivated, determined, and grateful through it all.

We are upping the intensity this week to keep that momentum going, starting with a 30 minute Total Body AMRAP. Let's do this-



20 Squat Pulse-Knee Drive (alternating sides)

20 Squat Jacks

15 Leg Raise-Knees In-Out

40 Cross Body Mountain Climbers

20 Plie Squat-Twist-Punch

10 Kneeling-Squat-Jump

40 V-Sit Bicycles

10 Power Push Up

20 (10 EL) Reverse Lunge-Knee Drive

10 Push Up - Side Plank - Open and Close

REPEAT AS MANY ROUNDS AS POSSIBLE IN 30 MINUTES (or as long as you're feeling today!)