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I don't know where to begin with Amy. Her workouts are superb. She goes out of her way to help me with my weight loss goals. She has viewed all the pictures of the food I eat and provided constructive feedback looking at the photos. Her workouts, even if they tire me out, eventually keep me energized and I do not experience any sore muscles/injuries. They are each different from the other, so it never gets boring/mundane. Her outdoor workouts are tiring but very effective. She takes a lot of care about the health issues her clients have and reads up on them and what kind of workouts are needed to best suit those requirements. A combination of strength, HIIT and cardio makes the workouts a lot of fun!

We pretty much chat through each workout, and in Amy I have found not only a fantastic trainer, but a great listener (talk of a psychologist and trainer in one, physical and mental health taken care of :D ). Amy is a wonderful friend and mostly a fantastic human being.


Mostly, I just feel really good about myself and my body at the end of every day. Thank you Amy!"

Rujuta D. / Personal Training

I am a retired varsity athlete now turned avid gym goer. After leaving the life of training two, sometimes three, times a day for soccer I am constantly looking for workouts and classes that keep me motivated to work just as hard as I did while playing soccer. I keep a consistent routine of going to the gym at least 5 days a week, but I sometimes find myself doing the same cardio or going to the same classes and not challenging myself to try new things. This would sometimes leave me feeling like I was just going through the motions and not pushing myself to get better results. Until I started Amy’s EnCourage online training.

I got to know Amy through (corporate) work and really bonding over our love for working out and living a healthy lifestyle! After talking to Amy about my fitness goals I knew that signing up for her program was going to be just what I needed to change up my regular workout routine – and boy was I right!! Throughout the program Amy came up with new thrilling workouts each week. Each day I would be excited to see what was in store for my workout and how much Amy would have me pushing myself. She came up with all different styles of workouts from Tabata style to Full Body Combo Blasts to HIIT Cardio and back to LISS Cardio. She created so many great moves that had my whole body feeling it for days after – in a really good way! (Like I mentioned before, I was getting into such a common routine with my workouts before starting the program that I would get bored and not push myself.) Amy’s program had me pumped and motivated every time I would go to start a new workout!

The great thing about Amy’s programming is that she really cares about her clients and their personal goals. Her training is not like any other typical online training that just sets you up with a workout schedule and expects you to go on with it on your own. Amy really caters to your personal fitness level and your personal goals. One time on a check in call with her we talked about how she is not only a fitness coach, she is also an accountability coach. I told her that one of my biggest weaknesses is keeping myself motivated and putting in the work as much as I want to to achieve my goals. Amy helped keep me accountable to my goals and pushed me to put that work in everyday!

After finishing the program, I have nothing but great things to say! I loved every minute of it! I came out feeling stronger, leaner and more empowered than ever. I’m so grateful for the confidence she gave me to change up my regular routine and push myself to throw in new workouts that will give me better results!"

Amy T. / Online Training

With Summer coming up, and with it, wedding season, vacations, and all sorts of other events + occasions, I’ve been particularly motivated to get into shape. I love working out and have always been accustomed to working out regularly (5 days a week, at least), with those workouts being pretty strenuous. Despite my regular workouts and healthy-eating habits, though, I still wasn’t where I wanted to be. I felt like I had gotten into too much of a routine and wasn’t seeing the changes I wanted to. So I felt like a shake-up was much needed. Enter, Amy + EnCourage. 


With Amy and I having met several years ago (through work) and worked out together many times in that timespan, she had a pretty good awareness of my fitness level. However, even with this prior knowledge and our personal friendship, Amy still made sure to treat me like any other client. We discussed my goals, medical & exercise history, current workout & diet plan, and I completed a fitness assessment – all so that Amy could better understand me, and therefore better serve me and help me to achieve my own personal goals. 


After completing those preliminary steps, I was excited to start my 6-week program. Amy clearly laid out what her approach was for those 6 weeks, with the first few weeks focused on building strength, and the balance focused on “cutting.”


Each of those 6 weeks kicked off with Amy sending through the workouts for the full week, along with tutorial videos. The videos were a great tool. Since there are so many different names for exercises, it was really helpful to have Amy demonstrate each. She also included tips to help you understand what each move was intended to do/target, and to ensure you were doing them properly and getting the most out of each exercise.


As soon as I started that first workout in Week 1, it was clear that Amy had really taken my current fitness level into consideration – and made sure that the workout was well-suited to my abilities, yet also challenging. I can honestly say that each and every one kicked my butt (in a good way!!) and left me drenched in sweat (the sign of a great workout) 


Despite my history of sports and working out, I was surprised by how many new moves she introduced me to. She made sure that each workout was a unique format, comprised of unique exercises – so that my body and I never got “bored.” There was a great mix of high-intensity cardio, along with strength-building workouts. She also made sure to incorporate enough low-intensity / recovery workouts to ensure my body wasn’t getting burned out along the way. All in all, I was extremely satisfied with my 6 weeks with EnCourage and was so sad when it ended! I can’t wait to try her bridal bootcamp next!


I actually had my first wedding of the season right after completing Week 5 of my program. While I knew that I was feeling great, it was there that it was made clear to me through thoughtful comments / compliments that all my workouts and healthy-eating efforts had paid off, which was a great feeling. I can’t wait to carry that self-confidence boost with me throughout the Summer.

Emily R. / Online Training

Amy is the best personal trainer I have experienced! I am a busy single mom working for a demanding tech company, and I find the time to work out because of Amy. I am not one for working out or a fitness fanatic but I am truly motivated and inspired by her. She creates customized workouts for every session for my fitness level and ability. I feel like I have a celebrity trainer the way she cares about my personal goals and fitness!


I highly recommend her to anyone contemplating working out or even if you have started working out, she will take your goals to another level!!

Chevonne Y. / Personal Training

I'm a middle-aged man and have tried a few trainers occasionally in the past but Amy is the best by far!  She makes workouts geared to my abilities - - which have increased dramatically in the time I've been working with her -- and doesn't make it too easy or so hard that I get discouraged.  I used to find excuses to avoid workouts but working with Amy is so much fun and motivating that I never cancel now!  I feel so much better now, even just walking around or carrying groceries!


You couldn't find a better trainer!  I highly recommend!

Jon W. / Personal Training

Amy is incredible - she's able to intuitively pick up on what clients need & help them work on it. She has a true understanding of the body & develops plans that are highly tailored to specific needs. With her healthy focus and personalized plans, you start to feel better & see results quickly.


No matter what your goal, Amy will help you reach it. She is a true inspiration & devoted trainer!!

Lauren K. / Personal Training

Working with Amy has been amazing! Hands down the best gym/exercise experience of my life. Before we started working together, I had questions about how we would address my goals and needs. Amy is a strong listener. She heard my concerns and put together a plan that I'm enjoying. She is encouraging, supportive, and fun. Our sessions are challenging but accessible and I'm motivated to keep going. It's been such a positive experience that my partner is joining us and Amy has put together plans that both works for us individually and we can do together. It's part competition, part team building, all fun.


I am so thankful to work with Amy! I think she would be a great fit for clients at any level of fitness. Yay!

Maggie G. / Personal Training

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